As resource scarcity in the world creeps up, burgeoning Robobug technology begins to emerge as the solution.

As time progresses, the robobugs become faster and stronger, but so do the demands of the city. You need to shepherd the robogbugs to the city to deliver their supplies, and protect them from the bugs that malfunctioned.

A hybrid of 3D/2D, with some bullet storm mechanics, played out over waves.

Includes art generated with DALL·E 2 and text generated by GPT-3


(Richard) - programming

Blue_Lava - original score

SabrinaFedeleAudio - sound design

ritpop - original tilesets

Houlihan - programming

Multullar - original robobeetles and game design

AI Generated Alternative Game Titles Include:

    " Robots Have Feelings Too, Okay?",
    " A Bug's Life (the Sequel)",
    " I See You've Been Programmed With an Unwarranted Level of Optimism",
    " Your Roomba Didn't Tell You About This Game?",
    " Remember That Time When We Had Robot Beetles?",
    " But I'm Not Sure Why Anyone Would Want To Make A Video Game Out Of That...",
    " No One Has Ever Been Able to Find the Correct Number of Zeroes",
    " Can't We Just Call It "Robot Beetles" For Now And Figure Things Out Later?",
    " What If We Don't Actually Have Any Ideas Yet?",    
    " We're All Doing Our Best",
    " Thanks!",
    " Yes, Great Titles",
    " I Love You",
    " Good Job",
    " So Many Great Titles",
    " Hey, Who Turned Off the Lights?",


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